13 Mar 17

However, following the recent news that the survival rate for cancer in the UK those in other those in other western European countries, the fund has the concern that more needs to be done, being expressed. – Broadcaster James Whale, Founder and Chairman of James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer and Kidney Cancer said:.. James Whale Fund For Kidney Cancer welcomes NICE approval for the drug in the battle against Kidney CancerThe UK’s leading specialist kidney cancer charity welcomed the news that NICE has GlaxoSmithKline approved Votrient for the first-line treatment of patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma.

It can not with chemotherapy or radiation, second-line treatment types of cancer to be treated. Once kidney cancer spreads, these new drugs are the only hope that patients extend their lives. .. To date, there was only one medication available to clinicians to prescribe their patients and has proven not to be effective for everyone We hope that Votrient. Will help to fill this gap. We have for many years campaigned for more drugs like Votrient be made available because kidney cancer is a type of cancer that is very difficult to treat easily.19, announce Clinical Trials Policy, United Statesfamous the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in that it decided not change the clinical trial politics domestic coverage determination on 9 Issuing Jul. At this time, and does not imposing additional conditions for which coverage.