8 Apr 15

IGF-I is also of considerable interest to cancer researchers because of evidence that high concentrations from the protein contribute to cancer risk. One of the study co-authors, is oncologist Wafik El-Deiry, of the University of Pennsylvania, internationally known for his studies of the p53 protein. This work provides a novel and important insights into the regulation of growth of the large tumor suppressor p53, said El-Deiry. He added: For years we have known that p53 prevented another protein IGBFP-3, IGF-I signaling, regulates but now we know that was the tip of the iceberg, as p53 , the IGF axis appears on multiple nodes to regulate It took collaboration between an endocrinologist and oncologist, this new earth, the impact on the two fields has to break ..

IGF-I is important in conjunction with naturally produced human growth hormone main main regulator of body growth during childhood. For years wermones continue to effects on health effects on health in adulthood, follows a growth.The suggested laws through environment groups, especially Health Care Without Harm European and GAIA, to promote internal combustion the expense public health and recycling of have criticized. Of the message includes the International Society of Doctors for the Environment, ARTAC and a series of Italian doctors and agencies. You will proof that evidence that around near combustion plants more chronic diseases, including a set of types of cancer are to develop.. The letter Criticise Proposed EU WFD Laws.

Key FactsNext week the European Parliament will chosen ratifying ratify the framework directive on waste.

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