13 Aug 16

‘We were able to stem cells from the donor to the extent to isolate 11.5 years after transplantation,’says Lama, assistant professor in the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the UM Medical School. ‘We discovered the existence of a population of MSCs that live and renew in the tissues of the adult lung it which could be true for other organ systems as well as.. One of the most revealing findings was that, in cases where the transplant donor and recipient were not of the same sex, nearly all the MSCs derived in the donor, indicating that they were present in the tissue since the time of transplantation.

P on the way to reduce transplant rejection ratesderive a new study that shows a kind of stem cells from the lungs of transplant patients for the first time that these progenitor cells are in adult organs and not in the bone marrow, which leads to the possibility that the cells to be able to help in with the rejection of the donated organs and with different types of lung diseases.50 percent of have good for you? Yes and No.If you lacks additions supplements are good for you, if you have enough, they may increasing the risk of developing diabetes type 2, says a study published Online First in published in That authors explain that the number of persons which Selen highly strongly during the last years.