24 May 15

RADIAL SOURCE Trans Radial Sheaths , physicians offer with a atraumatic and smooth access to the radial artery during diagnostic and interventional procedures , and is a result of years of Cordis ‘ commitment to innovation. The growth rate of the transradial procedures in cardiovascular surgery -. Several studies have associated with lower complication shown transradial compared with the femoral approach.[1] Cordis, a division of Johnson & Johnson Medical is dedicated to providing complete solutions for cardiovascular interventions. The Radial Solutions portfolio, including RADIAL SOURCE Trans Radial Sheaths, diagnostic and guiding catheters was created in close collaboration with clinical partners, requirements requirements for this technique..

TRA offers significant benefits for patients, Completing at high risk of at high risk of bleeding. Completing haemostasis after TRA is simpler than the artery is superficial and easier to compress, thereby. Patient comfort.Editor’s note:.For further information about female and heart disease and the American Heart Association Go For Men campaign visit was Red.