2 Aug 17

Childhood obesity increasing in China Childhood obesity is on the rise in China, and children and parents there tend to underestimate body weight, according to Penn State health policy experts. Because many overweight Chinese children underestimate their weight, they are less likely to do anything to boost their diet or workout patterns, said Nengliang Yao, graduate pupil in health administration and policy http://www.cialissuomi.com/erektiohairioita.html . If they don’t make changes, they will tend to be obese and possess a whole lot of health problems in the future – – as we frequently see in the United States already. Children between the age groups of 6 and 18, living in nine different provinces in China, had their elevation and pounds measured and body mass index calculated within the 2006 China Health and Nourishment Survey .

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Childhood obesity linked to higher risk of developing oesophageal cancers in later life Overweight children could be at higher risk of oesophageal cancer if they grow up than their slimmer friends, according to analyze published this week in the British Journal of Cancer. Researchers studied the ongoing health records of more than 255,000 Danish school children, born between 1930 and 1971, whose height and weight was measured every full year between the ages of 7 and 13. The researchers used this to go back and calculate their Body Mass Index .