19 Aug 17

CABG offers higher survival prices for older adults with CHD than PCI Project analyzed data from over 189,000 older adults A new comparative effectiveness research found older adults with steady coronary heart disease who underwent bypass medical procedures had better long-term survival rates than those who underwent a nonsurgical method to improve blood circulation to the heart muscle tissue, also called revascularization doses . The National Institutes of Health-supported research compared a type of surgery referred to as coronary artery bypass graft with a non-surgical procedure known as percutaneous coronary intervention . While there have been no survival differences between the two groups after one year, after four years the CABG group experienced a 21 % lower mortality.

C. Diff Follow-up Follow-up with a doctor after the completion of therapy for C. Diff is recommended. It is not necessary to repeat stool exams after the completion of therapy unless the symptoms persist or recur after initial quality . Relapse and recurrent infections are not uncommon and are present in more than 20 percent of people who have C. Diff infection. Consequently, if symptoms suggestive of C. Difficile colitis recur anytime after the initial event, prompt follow up with the physician is important.