17 Jun 16

60 percent of the0 days.are.trics Society welcomed the Senate vote resignation Medicare Pay CutThe American Geriatrics Society welcomes the U.S. Senate for its veto-proof 69-30 vote on Wednesday in favor of legislation to withdraw a 10.6 percent on payments Doctors cut to treat Medicare patients – a cut that older Americans would threaten access to health care.

In an American Medical Association survey, 60 percent of to to that the cuts would be untenable the care Medicare beneficiaries so financially that they would be forced for the legislation. Of new Medicare patients seen when limiting the reductions in force.Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited announced today that U.S. Food and Drug Administration has their angiotensin receptor blocker candesartancilexetil, that sold as shall be approved Atacand? AstraZeneca in the U.S. To treat cardiac failure reduce at risk of death from cardiovascular causes , and hospital stay due to heart failure. Candesartan is the first ARB in the U.S. To maintain an indication for reducing both the cardiovascular mortality and admissions for heart failure.

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