6 Dec 16

‘We have tried to characterize what pediatricians did when they had questions and also what those questions were. Ultimately ultimately to different information resources available, ‘she said.

Furthermore, after training, the physicians used the computer much more often.’ doctors typically paper-based resources, because that’s generally save available. When save computer time, we need to shift the physicians ‘ behaviors from using computer computer – based resources with said ‘ D’Alessandro. ‘.Flavian D. Brown Carleton CollegeMariam El – Ashmawy The University of Texas at Southwestern Medical Center*, Lisandro Mayan – Ramos University of California, Rachel A. Johnston New Mexico State University- – Silvia N. Kariuki University of Chicago.

EXROP alumni be to for Gilliam fellowship. Four of the the new scholars currently in force Ph.D. Grant programs , while the fifth pupil been enrolled in MD / Ph.D. Programs. This program provides opportunities to an outstanding group of gifted individuals has a proven interests and talent for the research, said William R. Gilliam The looks after the program as a an HHMI principal for Diplom and medical education programs.