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In hemophilia, an inherited single affected gene mutation, the ability of the patient to produce a blood-clotting protein, to what spontaneous, sometimes life-threatening bleeding. The two main forms of almost exclusively almost exclusively in males, are hemophilia A and hemophilia B, respectively by a respectively by a deficiency of coagulation factor VIII and factor IX clotting http://viagrasuomi.org/kayttajakokemuksia.html . Patients with frequent infusions of clotting proteins, which are expensive and sometimes stimulate the body to produce antibodies benefits of the treatment negate the benefits of the treatment discussed. Therefore, the present study, researchers used genetic engineering to produce mice with hemophilia B, modeling the disease in people. Before treatment, the mice had no detectable amounts of IX clotting factor.

Notes:Support for this work came from the National Institutes of Health and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute High co-authors were CA of the Children ‘s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, and Sangamo BioSciences, Richmond, .

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The disclosure of MEF2 way and their genetic counter helping fill in in theory blank in the neurobiology, however that irritates the researchers are the potential impacts on the Klinik. may modifications in morphology of the synapses be very important in a whole range of diseases including neurodegenerative as well as psychiatric diseases, said Azad Bonni, HMS Associate Professor pathology, to with gentlemen, to an author which. ByMichael Greenberg, HMS a professor of Neurology Hospital for Children in Boston other teams other team that the MEF2 path may play a role in autism and other developmental disabilities illnesses. The protein of has, – by either to activate and is active suppress the target genes. At work on a group of neurons in developing rat cerebellum countries of Used HMS Research Fellow at the pathology Aryaman Shalizi , and HST med student Brice Gaudilliere with Bonni and her colleagues are, who MEF2 repressor of promote the synaptic differentiating. In a separate study, was played Steven Flavell a student in neuroscience, Greenberg and her colleagues are the MEF2 activator is inhibited the growth of dendritic spines in rat hippocampus, an area of the brain linked to of memory and learning. Flavell, and also Bonni the Team found the enabled and dendrite – carve, the form MEF2 lights responsive to increased neuronal activity.