19 Mar 16

The U.S. Congress and various health insurance providers have recognized the authority of the AHFS DI suite of products as a source of information on the medically accepted uses of drugs. Published the only official drug compendium by a non-profit scientific and professional companies AHFS DI has a longstanding policy of editorial independence from the influence of pharmaceutical manufacturers, health insurance companies, pharmacy benefit managers, and other third parties. For further information about AHFS DI, to visit.. About AHFSPublished by the American Society of Health – system Pharmacists has AHFS DI. A well respected source of drug information in hospitals for more than 50 years The AHFS family offers most comprehensive source for unbiased and authoritative information on the drugs available to doctors today.

AHFS DI is a leading source of authoritative, unbiased, evidence-based and reliable source of high quality, comprehensive information about the drug. Of medications. ASHP since 1959 AHFS DI is the only remaining compendium , which was recognized by Congress in 1988. CMS is based on the information in AHFS DI, along with other recent compendiums recognized by the agency, the supplies eligibility to determine off-label use of medications.Teubner, vice president of global sales and marketing on Cook Medical Endoscopy strategic business unit. The innovation has the newest addition to of the many best – in-class devices which, Cooks comprehensive set of endoscopic product available to gastroenterologists for the various procedures method a they include. .. Strictures abnormal narrowing the distal portion of the esophagus be to, include symptoms such as dysphagia , painful swallowing for the various procedures and loss of weight presented. The number one cause on benign esophageal strictures provided between 70 and 80 % all the oesophageal strictures[1], gastroesophageal reflux disease .

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