17 Nov 17

Men were a lot more than 3 x as likely as ladies to build up CAC, with a 220 percent higher odds risk. 60 year-olds were approximately twice as likely to develop CAC as 50 year-olds as were smokers than nonsmokers and people with diabetes in comparison to those without diabetes . Raised chlesterol raised the odds of developing CAC by 60 percent and high blood circulation pressure and a family history of heart disease both raised the odds by 50 percent.Kevin Slawin.’.

BBC Panorama: "A Risk Worthy of Taking?" Program. GlaxoSmithKline Best of Reply Statement Patient safety is normally our 1st priority. We highly refute any allegation our activities have put individuals at an increased risk. We have completed a thorough research programme, involving a lot more than 50,000 sufferers to analyse the huge benefits and safety of Avandia. All the outcomes from our research program have been directed at the regulatory authorities world-wide and we have been fully focused on being open up about the outcomes of most our clinical analysis.