20 Mar 17

This was the concept behind the introduction of our Safety Series products, said Wiley X Eyewear President of Sales Myles Freeman, We knew that if we combine the highest level of protection with style and comfort, the workers tend to actually wear the eye protection they need We fully support the message of Workplace eye Wellness month and appreciate this important initiative, to increase the general awareness of the protection of a worker’s most valuable asset. ,, added Freeman.. Wiley X superior design, technology and comfort the most important factors, commercial and industrial employers are noted for their workers their their safety glasses. American workers demand similar protection of the American soldiers.

According to statistics from Prevent Blindness America, more than 700,000 Americans injure the eyes at work each year. The same study notes that 90 percent all workplace accidents eye injuries could be prevented by the use of proper protective eyewear. Wiley X launched its extensive Safety Series Power goggles products designed to offer American workers was employed with the same proven High Velocity Protection in many Wiley X styles on the battlefield.Such a regime requires lots of patience: regeneration of the nerve only be in a rate of 1 mm per day, at the earliest, it is is 1, with his own hands years until my watchlist be able that move his arms in any way, doctors said of the press. The doctors told Do You Own modest optimistic, as B hnke said: The neural regeneration seem to well under way, the patient begins to get what he described as a tingle in the his upper arm, directly below the joining . Are you researcher sure that the reduction of HRT for the drop in for the decline in breast cancer rates?

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