2 Aug 17

Rafferty, President & CEO, CNIB. It is imperative that other agencies take InfoTech’s lead and implement online digital platforms – for people who are blind or possess vision loss – to supply equal usage of online info for all Canadians. As the leading supplier of global Health Risk Assessment software to Fortune 500 companies and a growing network of companions, InfoTech is committed to ensuring compliance with worldwide accessibility regulations. Hyworon continues on to say We recognize that accessibility requirements are increasingly important to our multinational clients. Our relationship with CNIB is merely another example of our continued dedication to deliver business value to companies challenged with managing risk and improving the health, well-being and productivity of all their employees.The full total results were published Aug. 21 by the American Journal of Primatology. Drug-resistant staph was within 36 chimpanzees, or 58 % of those tested, at both sanctuaries, situated in Zambia and Uganda. Nearly 10 % of the staph instances in chimpanzees showed signals of multi-drug resistance, the most hard and dangerous to cure type of the pathogen. One of the biggest threats to crazy apes may be the risk of acquiring novel pathogens from humans, says study co-writer Thomas Gillespie, a primate disease ecologist at Emory University.