4 Jun 16

‘This study provides evidence that it. Dose of a mechanical load by muscular power that the skeleton is that of reacting an effect.. Shields notes that really for any form of treatment for patients useful, it must be something that a patient can be easily integrated into their daily lives. The study suggested that the participants are fairly easy to find with the training program stick. In addition, six of the seven participants were high high – dose protocol from home with a specially modified wheelchair that she raised to a standing position and specially manufactured stimulators which automatically registered the training participant.

Load testing dosesindicate the clinical study of Shields and his team developed in biomechanical modeling and information of bone biology studies have shown that bone cells, osteoblasts produce new bone only when the load is high enough, is based. – The study on the effect of ‘high dose’ loads of 150 % of the body weight with ‘low dose’load of 40 per cent of body weight of body weight and ‘no dose ‘loads from 0 % of of body weight . The participants were asked to carry their training five days a week for three years and had their bone density and muscle strength tested several times during the study. – ‘When load load of 1.5 times their body weight by electrical stimulation of the quadriceps muscle, we used a significant impact on bone density and the expected growth of skeletal muscle,’says Shields..The winter weather conditions the Arctic are very stringent, In these conditions floor is covered with snow and the sun is very low in the horizon. Views hardly almost in the middle of of the day, what. It dark for the most part Under these conditions, the light is scattered so that plurality of of light that reaches properties be the blue or UV. Addition to snow from reflects up to 90 percent of the UV light passing on them.