16 May 16

Drug-addicted and store it ‘ – New Global Report of the International AIDS Society launched Recommends a new paradigm for the treatment IDU the.

Two decades of experience have shown that needle exchange programs are a proven method for preventing HIV infection among injecting drug users the report describes the report describes how programs can this effectiveness by scaling up a comprehensive package of measures to increase risk mitigation.Top level presented at-depth case studies and presentations include Harvard Medical School, Indian Health Service, Northrup Grumman, corrugated board Health, GE Healthcare, Department of Veterans Affairs, Erickson Retirement Communities, Jaxcare, hatch ‘s Health system of, Cisco Systems, Care Park, CalRHIO, Western Medical Associates, UCLA Medical Center, Florida Hospices of the Sun Coast athenahealth Eclipsys Eclipsys, FORTUNE, Allscripts , and many longer.. John-David Lovelock , Gartner, to a market research firm, forecast that IT IT health expenditure an average 4.7 percent a year from 2005 to 2010, the fastest growth rate of each industry and significantly higher than the an average of 3, prepared of major IT growth must work the healthcare industrialized and communicate effectively when the advantages of HIT of patients, providers and cost units alike are achieved.

About CCSThe Collaborative Communications Summit: Transforming Healthcare by Health Information Technology is designed to make top-level executives, legislators, regulators and technologists to grips to the whirling forces of of technology change, development and that will help changing business models that you unparalleled insight into the forces the form today markets of healthcare information technology.