10 Aug 16

Good blood glucose control important in diabetes, and play the more active role of patients, the better, said Alan Moses, Vice President and Global Chief Medical Officer at Novo Nordisk. This study is exciting because it showed that Levemi helped to manage with once-daily dosing in these patients, their condition, and helping them achieve substantial A1C reductions. .. In the study, 64.3 % in the in the 70-90 mg / dL FPG target treatment group and 54.5 % of patients in the 80-110 mg / dL FPG target group, the ADA recommended A1C level of less than 7 %. A1C levels in the 70-90 mg / dL group decreased by 1.2 % to an average A1C of 6.77 %; A1C levels in the 80-110 mg / dL group decreased by 0.9 % to an average A1C level of 7 %.

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