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He is currently working as a research chemist at the University of Tikrit.Sylvia Beh, CanadaSylvia as a licensed pharmacist in Singapore , both in hospital and community pharmacy has worked. She moved to Canada in May 2004 and is currently a newly licensed pharmacist in the community.

There is also a parallel site for young pharmacists from different areas of the profession will be. Ema Paulino, Chairman of the FIP Young Pharmacists Group initiatives This is the first time that FIP were involved in an initiative like this from New Zealand to Nigeria, Costa Rica, pharmacy similar challenges, threats and opportunities is available where it is practiced, this is a great opportunity for pharmacists to one another learning.This going, open-label trial to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of of long-term managing romiplostim being well asplenic and non – splenectomised adult patients with chronic ITP. Jul. 2007 had inscribed 143 patients , 142 of romiplostim romiplostim. Sixty-seven per cent of the patients were female, and of the patients, 60 % surveyed the a splenectomy .