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After PlusNews many second-line antiretrovirals are prohibitively expensive or not available in developing countries, and doctors often lack knowledge and experience with which combination prescribe prescribe HIV-positive people reviews . From by meeting in May 2007 created. Partly been antiretroviral response to requests from governments for further direction on the second-line in their countries ‘ treatment programs, PlusNews reports contain be released the guidelines to other obstacles access to drugs including the lack of capacity in many developing countries to test After resistance to first-line drugs manage. :: ‘In order to maximize the effectiveness and durability of the first and second line anti-retroviral therapies, universal availability and use of appropriate and affordable[ CD4+ T cells] and HIV viral load tests further support. ‘.

HIV-positive people guidelines on second-line antiretroviralThe World Health Organization recently published new guidelines for second-line antiretroviral drugs in an attempt to assist the developing countries in the formulation the treatment policy PlusNews reports. The guidelines are intended to accelerate the approval for second-line reduce costs. Reduce costs. The guidelines are also report the number of second-line drugs with WHO approval PlusNews.

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