24 May 16

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract with symptoms of pain, diarrhea and weight loss, mostly at adolescents and young adults, but also occur in early childhood and old age. The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America estimates that more than 700,000 the the disease, although incident rates in different parts of the world differently. With an incidence of 4 to 9 people per 100,000 in North America 10 percent of Crohn’s disease patients are the most serious form of it affected is no effective treatment fully.

For more information about CATS, click here.The site includes a patient – eligibility questionnaire. Patients must 60 years old 60 years old and have failed all available conventional treatments but they need to be subjected to sufficient healthy bone marrow transplantation. Selected patients have either donate to a matched bone marrow donor of a sibling or an unrelated donor person who volunteers their bone marrow. Patients need to be covered by private insurance, the cost of the transplantation and associated medical costs.The complete segment is available online in in the RealPlayer.. The cause of the DGF is yet poorly understood, play and master both non-immunological factors such death, age of the donor, beneficiary race, and immunologic factors. But most studies have no been clearly demonstrated an association between the HLA-specific cell-surface protein and DGF, says Kamoun. We showed that amino acid variation to HLA-A protein are assigned to DGF. We asked: HLA cell surface proteins enable the body to identify itself autoimmunity autoimmune reactions Each person has an unique signed HLA HLA proteins well identifying foreign intruders at the body.