15 Jun 17

Moreover, supplemental agreements by several drug businesses are set to expire this full year and next year, putting greater monetary pressure on ADAP. .. California State Controller urges Merck, ViiV and Tibotec to lessen AIDS drug prices Today AIDS Healthcare Basis announced that California State Controller John Chiang has sent letters to the CEOs of Merck & Co., Tibotec Therapeutics and ViiV Health care, asking the companies to reduce the price of their HIV/Helps medicines for California and its own AIDS Drug Assistance Plan . State ADAPs offer lifesaving HIV/AIDS medicines to low-income patients.After NDA submission and potential authorization of LibiGel, BioSante shall continue steadily to follow the women signed up for the study for yet another four years. The LibiGel safety research is monitoring a predefined set of cardiovascular events, in contract with the FDA, including cardiovascular loss of life, myocardial stroke and infarction, in women 50 years or older and experiencing at least two cardiovascular risk elements including hypertension and diabetes. The aim of the safety research is to show the relative security of testosterone in comparison to placebo in the amount of cardiovascular events. The incidence of breast malignancy will be also tracked during the period of the scholarly study.