1 Apr 17

In stories published this full week, we noted that the CDC’s official quantities are suspiciously low – – the agency claimed only 7 deaths from H1N1 even while Mexico had officially announced 161 deaths. Today, NaturalNews has learned why the CDC figures are so low. As it happens that CDC labs are inadequate testing services that are utterly overwhelmed with too many influenza samples to test. Thus, the reason why established CDC ‘verified’ H1N1 death amounts are so low is simply as the CDC laboratories can’t test very many flu samples to begin with. And keep in mind this: The CDC doesn’t count any death unless its lab confirms the illness. But its own lab can only test 100 flu samples a day, we’ve learned! CDC labs are ‘swamped,’ reviews the Associated Press.Mary-Anne Robinson, executive director of CARNA, was a known person in the committee. ‘I’ve no hesitation in assisting the committee’s record and think that the six principles recommended in the record would create a audio basis for development of an Alberta Health Work,’ says Robinson. ‘The concepts also reflect ideals of registered nursing such as assisting a publicly funded wellness system, using evidence-structured decision-making and involving residents and health care companies in decisions impacting their health system.’ According to Robinson, there was open and robust dialogue in committee meetings and the committee benefited from the able facilitation of co-chairs MLA Fred Horne and Deborah Prowse.