27 Nov 15

A Medicine At Work clinic is cost effective and space-saving outfit, requires only a minimum of 12 X 12 feet square, an electrical outlet, internet access and a door for privacy while local employers Medicine At Work. provides all the furniture, appliances, hospital personnel and medical care for a fixed monthly cost per employee.

Dr. Michael Davis, senior vice president of NuPhysicia, stated,’are connected by the doctors with this program, Medicine At Work offers a full-time medical attendance at work, blending telemedicine high tech and high touch. Physicians use innovative tools and equipment and secure electronic medical records , and develop an old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship with a focus on improving employee health. ‘.Moderator at the symposium included Robert L. Byer of Stanford University, Margaret Murnane of the University of Colorado, Boulder, Christopher Barty of LLNL; Keith Hodgson out of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; Tajima the the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, and by Wim Leemans out of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Attosecond time scale gamma rays MW by attosecond developments bring on the optical technologies at the extremes laser light the potential basis for next generation of accelerants, attosecond-scale photographs free of under from electron motion, light sufficiently intense order to enable vacuum to nonlinearity of and and a direct the inquiry of gravity waves, said presenter Christopher Ebbers, employees physicists at LLNL.