20 Mar 16

To develop Philips Healthcare , together with CR Bard and Hansen and integrate technologies the most advanced the most advanced systems the needs the needs of electrophysiologists, help shorten procedures and obtain detailed visualizations for interventions.

A super zoom function with advanced image – sharpening algorithms allows clinicians larger enlarge images and fine details, an enhanced understanding during procedures. Help Philips collaborations, pre – EP -.. In addition, the Philips EP cockpit XL high-resolution high-resolution 56-inch, 8-megapixel color display, so to see clinicians clinical images from Philips and third-party systems in a single, fully configurable, large LCD screen. EP cockpit XL concept provides flexibility to the table and will support clinicians in the implementation of the procedures more efficient.Survivals. Biopsy Scores at the start of hormone for prostate cancer: Prognostic value.

This makes %age figure for positive biopsy of kernels such interest. Taking account of pre-therapeutic, is readily available, possible predictors for prostate cancer, we found which % of positive biopsy nuclei had a significant predictor of period castrated prostate cancer, and the specific and total survivals. Multivariate analysis showed that there was an independent predictor of survival, that jemand stirbt gesamte Studiengruppe, OBWOHL der anteil der positiven Biopsie Kernen Kriegs signifikant mit Gleason-Score und PSA-Wert bei der diagnostizieren verbunden.