26 May 16

The high school student named Michael Gruger, he was 17 Authorities say he died of bacterial meningitis. On Wednesday evening, he had flu-like symptoms and went to bed. On Thursday morning his condition he he had to be rushed to hospital – he died the same day in the afternoon. This is the first meningococcal meningitis death in Nassau County since 2004, according to officials.

Evening he hadsed death of student and consultant in New YorkA guidance counselor of a school in Queens, and a student in Massapequa, Long Iceland, both of which have died as a result of meningitis – both in the same week. According to authorities, the counselors Saint St. Francis Preparatory High School, Fresh Meadow.Award winningng researcher reveal possible new part on Glivec .

Geneva, Switzerland: Glivec – and Glivec like there also known – looks as though where may be an effective treatment of yet another type of cancerous have become.

MacArthur, the lead researcher, Esteban Cvitkovic, Chairman the Scientific Council Foundation MacArthur, head of the Unit Molecular of oncology and Translational Research Laboratories at the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia, to try that the choice to imatinib in the treatment of DFSP Find by from groundbreaking research from another team in the year 1997 published[4]. Those showed that a gene to, platelet-derived growth factor receptor B called rearranged into DFSP Find in which the twenty second a translocation of among chromosomes 17 and It trying try for imatinib of the disease because this translocation results in over expression of PDGFB and imatinib is an inhibitor for to PDGFB receptor, said Dr.