26 Dec 16

Study 044 was conducted in all major Western European countries and in India, where 35 experts test centers A total of 135 patients were screened and 110 in the open dose-titration period 84 patients participated in the double-blind,. Double dummy part of the study, it is anticipated that the data from the 044 study at scientific meetings later in 2009, Richard de Souza, CEO of Archimedes, commented: We are pleased with these results from another innovative study NasalFent in what is the largest and most comprehensive clinical program for any breakthrough cancer pain product glad These data clearly show that NasalFent is better than the benchmark product for this condition and fully supports the results from study 043, the first product toffers pain relief within 5 minutes of ingestion and is highly demonstrating acceptable to the patient.

Access the full poster here. Burton A, Wallace M, Weinstein S, fentanyl pectin nasal spray with PecSys . Onset, consistency and acceptability in breakthrough cancer pain Poster# 244 presented at: the American Pain Society 28th Annual Scientific Meeting, May 7-9, 2009; San Diego, Accessed 6th May 2009.The neurosurgeons in Heidelberg and the psychiatrists in Mannheim on this positive experience on this positive experience and are planning a clinical study of the habenula stimulation in severely depressed patients at five psychiatric-neurosurgery centers of are performed in Germany. We want to show habenula stimulation has a better success rate than other target areas attempted for depression and that it also safe to operate, says Dr. Sartorius, A investigator of the planned study.