2 Apr 15

The Hill reviews . , a, a short-term solution to happen to save Medicare physician rates and punt a longer-term fix until after the August recess to raise money. On the Medicaid dollars, [s] ince at least 24 states that their budgets for the coming year be pulled on extra federal Medicaid dollars that were in the house and senate passed over versions counting Both versions would extend these enhanced federal Medicaid payments for six months (Pecquet, a statement. .

The Hill. The American Medical Association is opposed to the inclusion of the ‘doc fix’in the bill, ‘AMA argues the proposed deal fix to the Medicare payment system for physicians not with the program ‘s solvency issues and only pushes the problem five years on the road. AMA is for a permanent repeal of the sustainable growth rate of Appeal, which would cost about $ 250 billion, most of which for under House ‘pay – go’ rules would be paid, but the group estimates that repeal repeal the SGR in five years, costing more than $ 500 billion, and urges its members press lawmakers for a permanent repeal ‘.


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