12 Sep 16

– During the 1957 pandemic, nearly half of all women of childbearing age, pregnant, who died from the flu. – Eleven clinical studies closely followed pregnant women and / or their fetuses after vaccination and found of harmful side effects of harmful side effects to either the mother or the fetus.

In their extensive review of data from three past flu pandemics and 11 published studies on the safety of vaccines results of over 44 years, the researchers found no increased risk of either maternal complications or bad fetal results from the inactivated flu vaccine.Citizens have to become eligible. ‘The NIH Loan Repayment Programme provide a easy and effective way for researchers to medical research medical research and few to reimbursement student loan,’says Dr. Norka Ruiz Bravo, deputy director of independent research institutes. ‘Since 2002, almost 4,000 qualified personnel by more than $ 225 million loan repayment paid to support benefiting. Through these programs, to NIH had door of many young scientists to careers of research without any the burden of the student open to start loan debt.