13 Jul 16

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Disease survival rates at five years for patients who participated in the study, amounted to about 90 %, while the overall survival was nearly 100 %. The results of the study were presented at the American Society for Radiation Oncology meeting presented in the autumn of last year and will be in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Clinical Breast Cancer, published this summer. The results of the study show that we are able to offer early stage breast cancer patients a treatment program that is less risky and will be completed in less time, said Dr. David Bush, vice chairman of the Department of Radiation Medicine at Loma Linda University Medical Center and a principal investigator of the study..

Currently, most women diagnosed with early breast cancer undergo surgery to remove the cancer from the breast. Irradiation is then carried out over the entire breast. The study examined patient outcomes by proton irradiation only the area where the tumor was removed, instead of the whole breast. The size of the radiation field is considerably reduced, reduce the radiation exposure of the heart, the lungs and other parts of the proton beam body us ,ersity Medical Center. Better than any other type of radiation treatment, said Bush.The UNTHSC will now begin conversations with members to the Texas Legislature relating to State process for the authorize the proposed disc schools.

Vel Sakthivel, a consultant orthopedic surgeon at Southampton General Hospital was to conduct the pressure on trainee youth has to contribute an increase in injuries among under-16s warned. ‘We see a increase of the number of sports injuries for children annual , ranging from difficult ligaments and fractures for and sprains, and of compressed apply by coaches will for debt many occasions,’he said. ‘Kids told when they to make it big, will need need deal with the aches, pains and nagging injuries – nearly a ‘ stubborn It ‘ culture of – and that drives lot to the verge of severe damages to its body. ‘.