26 Mar 16

Depending – Plotting the footsteps of the ‘mad cow’The attempt to public about the safety public about the safety of American beef, the U.S. Department of Agriculture tracking is believed the story of the animal, mad cow disease than other nations imported U.S. Ban beef.

Usually normally found in cattle under the age of 30 months. Health officials said it is not also found in dairy products. Brian Evans, Chief Veterinary Officer of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Canada is marketing of public health first, but still act ‘least trade restrictions manner. Because that is how we expect to be treated yourself .- BIOLASE Chief Executive Officer of Jake St. Philip said: This is great burden for our dental laser systems and presents an opportunity for the spectators see first hand that may be a contrast of these progress of for an notoriously painful dental experience we are feel laser dentistry. Ever be a new standard that results and offers a comfortable Patient experiences. .. The process of, November is from Dr. By Dr. Darrell Chun a leading Waterlase Dentistry performed. The complete root canal, by using an Waterlase disc YSGG laser system and Endolase radially lasers has burning Advice on, without anesthesia completed that dental – phobic patients who have had experienced a very painful, traditional canal.

Should be not be overestimated forward looking statements are placed. Such information is subject to change Get, and we are not obligations to update such statements. BIOLASE Technology.. This release may contain forward – looking statements made pursuant with the Safe Harbor by the Securities Reform Act 1995 based on management’s current expectations estimates and of our management contain the information laid down. Statements may forward-looking statements by the use of of words such as ‘anticipate’, ‘awaits ‘, ‘intends ‘, ‘plans’, ‘believes’, ‘seeks’, ‘estimates’, ‘and variations of this terms or similar expressions.