7 Sep 17

Calls for tougher rules on complementary medications in Australia Pressure from a consumer group has prompted the Australian AUTHORITIES to consider the launch of far more stringent disclosure guidelines regarding complementary medications. The consumer group CHOICE has called for tougher regulation of the sector in order to protect customers. CHOICE says complementary medicines make many promises about their product’s effectiveness which often haven’t any evident basis and perhaps, complementary medicines can harm consumers’ health insurance and current regulatory actions will not do enough to safeguard consumers suivre ce site . At the moment the Therapeutic Items Administration classifies medications into two main classes, ‘Listed’ and ‘Registered’, but few customers understand the difference.

Calorie Counting Ads Hit NYC Subways Craving a burrito with sour cream and guacamole? What if you understood it had more than half the calorie consumption you should eat in a complete day? The city Health Department is expanding its healthy-eating advertising campaign with subway ads that state most adults should limit themselves to 2,000 calories time. Monday in about 1 Posters that appeared,000 subway cars provide calorie counts for several menu items – like 470 for a giant apple bran muffin or 1,170 for a poultry burrito with toppings. The three-month ad marketing campaign is supposed to build on the city’s fresh regulation requiring chain restaurants to post calorie counts on the menus.