24 Jun 15

Another MRP is for later in 2011 with other European countries to take this medication are available more more patients with MS planned.Sative , which was developed by GW Pharmaceuticals, is also in Phase III clinical development for the treatment of cancer pain, as the next indication following MS spasticity. Almirall holds the marketing rights for the drug in Europe ed pack . Nature. Sative – Sativa was by UK-based GW Pharmaceuticals plc developed in specific response to the MS population, unmet need for a prescription of cannabis – based medicine. Manufactured under Home Office license at an undisclosed location in the UK it is sold by Almirall.

Scientists use live bacteria on HIVscientist Osel Inc. And the National Cancer Institute have developed a new way blocking block HIV infection by genetically enhancing the ability of naturally occurring vaginal bacteria virus transmission developed. The bioengineered bacteria in the vaginal cavity of macaques reduces a commonly used experimental primate transmission of simian HIV by nearly two thirds introduced.

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– A dose-dependent increasing HDL cholesterol. Rose by 15 percent was observed 1 mg.

– A significant and dose-dependent increase in HDL-C of 16 percent at a dose of 1 mg. – A significant and dose dependent reduction in fasting insulin concentration, fasting blood glucose and insulin resistance .