9 Feb 15

‘We have shown, how debilitating lupus in relation to the number of patients having to stop work, change their jobs or apply for sick leave, the survey will show, lupus is a disease that capacity tremendous to life destroy is. Said Professor David Isenberg, Head of Rheumatology at University College, one of the survey authors achat propecia .

, reference M Schneider C. Gordon, K residual current, effects of lupus on fatigue, health-related quality of life and productivity at work: Results from the Lupus European Online survey. Abstract FRI0243.

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Identified potential new target, and-has conducted A study by on the in San Francisco VA Medical Center have shown that omega -6 fatty acids, like the fat Used in maize oil encourage the growth of prostate tumor cell in the laboratory. The study also reveals a possible new molecular target of anti-tumor drugs: enzyme well known as the cPLA2 who plays an important role in the chain of omega 6 fatty acids for prostate tumor cellular growth.