13 Feb 16

Under the direction of Marc Klapholz, director of the Department of Cardiology at UMDNJ, the wireless system went live in June 2006. Allows paramedics use the Bluetooth technology to send an ECG not only in the emergency room, but also to a receiving station in the cath lab medical journal . From there, the electrocardiogram is automatically converted to a PDF file and up through the intranet of the hospital to multiple e-mail addresses only for this purpose set. The on-call cardiologist receives a text message with instructions to download the electrocardiogram for viewing on a smartphone. The file also includes the telephone number of the paramedic who initiated transmission of the electrocardiogram, so the cardiologist can immediately be in contact with the ambulance crew. Patients cath lab.with them heart attack are abducted directly to the cath lab.

The second part of the builder theory is that social and cultural factors can motivation motivation stronger if the motivation is weak, the best example of this, to Baumeister, that female sexuality is more than male sexuality through social and. Cultural factors, because the female sex drive is less intense by contrast, the a stronger desire a stronger desire to care for children, most people, and the mother’s role changes much less with social and cultural factors as the father role.


The machine to make that happen to be familiarize. Engineering on the University of Washington have first uses manufacturing techniques at microscopic scales combine a flexible, biologically harmless contact lenses with an imprinted electronic circuitry and lighting. look through have completed objective, They the display will the display is is generated overlaid on the world non, said Babak Parviz, one underwater Assistant Professor electrical. This is a very little step towards this goal but I think that it is very promising. Screen which was presented today at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ international conference about Micro Electro Mechanical Systems of Harvey Ho, a former student of the Parviz who now work at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, California is Other co Ehsan Saeedi and Samuel faye in the Electrical Engineering of the underwater Division and Tueng Shen the UW Medical Center eye Department.