17 Jul 15

Jeffrey M. Smith is the author of Seeds of Deception (the world’s bestselling book on GMOs He is also the author of Genetic Roulette (and the Managing Director, the Institute for Responsible Technology des (the Institute Non-GMO Shopping Guide website (iPhone App ShopNoGMO and pocket guide, to help people healthier healthier non-GMO foods click here . Join the Institute of Non-GMO Tipping Point Network (with others in your area to learn the truth about GMOs at to and and community.

GMO approvals also ignore the new understanding that toxins do not always follow a linear dose-response Sometimes a smaller amount of toxins greater impact than larger doses have Approvals also overlook the fact that mixtures can be more dangerous than individual chemicals. Alone. Residues, for example residues, for example, have been shown to be toxic to the human placenta, and embryonic cells from the umbilical cord, while The Roundup active ingredient glyphosate does not on its own provoke the same degree of damage. One reason for this is their contention Roundup stabilize glyphosate and allow its penetration into cells. – In addition, toxins may generate new substances Current assessments completely ignore the potential either in the GM plant or in the animals sick. . Risk of these new components in our diet, such as developing the new metabolites in GMOs to resist Roundup, the authors warn, We consider this a major oversight in the present regulations. – It is not the same stuff that farmers spray in regulator that the Bt toxin produced inside GM corn is safe. They say that was the Bt gene from soil bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis , the safe application as a spray-on insecticide by farmers comes in the past. Authors point out that authors emphasize that. The argument of the safe use history ‘ of the wild Bt protein Can not on a solid scientific basis, for direct admission of. GM corns are used, without conducting proper long-term animal feeding studies.

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Three day conference expand U.S. HIV / AIDS research collaboration with India, Assistant U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Dybul Says.

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