14 Apr 15

The Case – team 9 the findings in the April issue of Molecular Cell reports. The senior author of the study is Witold Surewicz, professor of physiology and biophysics at Case. It is by David Vanik, and Krystyna Surewicz, co-author.

The resulting compounds then went in groups to various collaborating center Scripps Research laboratories Professor Dennis Burton lab analyzed the compounds ability. Inhibit the replication of HIV. Chairman of the Department of Chemical Physiology Ben Cravatt team saw anti-inflammatory potential. Professor Juan de la Torre group examined effects against LCMV, the prototype member of the arenavirus family, which pathogens pathogens of fatal hemorrhagic fever disease in West Africa and South America.The findings were even shocking on which authors of the study unveiled that 90 % of respondents were analyzed for vitamin D deficiency, below of 40 to 60 ng / ml area then be healthy .