3 Feb 16

The Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use has started a review in January 2011, the total risk-benefit ratio of Multaq following reports of serious liver damage. The scope of the review has now been extended new new information from the PALLAS trial and the CHMP is a need for further action at its next meeting on 18 determine – 21 July 2011.

European Medicines Agency reviews cardiovascular risk of MultaqThe European Medicines Agency is to review the cardiovascular risk of antiarrhythmic drug Multaq from Sanofi Aventis. This follows the company’s announcement on 7 July 2011, the omission of the PALLAS study due to the occurrence of major cardiovascular events in some patients, the dronedarone.The lost opportunities to communicate with fell into three categories: opportunity to listen and react to Family reviews, to recognize and to handle emotional, and the basic principles to medical ethics and palliative care, including observations the patients preferences of, substitute decision-making and pursuing acknowledgment of non – giving up. Sometimes, the doctors involved answer a different question than that provided by the family members. The study appears in the second issue in April 2005, American Thoracic Society peer-reviewed Journal of Respiratory and Care Medicine.