9 Jan 17

Parents should Zero Tolerance Alcohol Policy chooserestaurants in Germany legally sell alcohol to teenagers after their sixteenth birthday and French children drink wine for dinner at an early age, but U.S. Parents who follow this relaxed European example, believing it promotes a healthier attitude toward alcohol, should be careful – it may increase the likelihood of increasing that their kids to unconsciousness drunk at school.

In 31 states, parents can legally alcohol to their minor children. ‘ U.S. Teens drink less frequently than adults, they tend to at a time at a time – an average of five drinks in a sitting – according to Ralph Hingson of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. About 87 % of college students try alcohol, and 40 % say that they regularly engage in some form of binge drinking.To help to health and water / waste water yields better results of activities at the poorest.

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