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In Italy, They say the home of one of the authors have been suggested that the waiting list for liver transplantation should be less than twice the organs transplanted each year side effects of lamictal .

On waiting lists, for transplantation may be artificially inflated, comment organ transplant expertwaiting lists for organ transplants were the subject of discussion for organ transplantation experts and their views were first published online by The Lancet as Viewpoint. They believe that such lists can artificially, since not all patients a transplant a transplant actually one ( one (and it varies depending on the organ. The viewing angle is, by Professor Rinaldo Bellomo, University of Melbourne, and Department of Intensive Care, Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, Nereo Zamperetti, Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, San Bortolo Hospital, Vicenza, Italy, and colleagues.

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