18 Oct 17

‘Scientific analysis and testing have been delayed, limited or shut down because of gene patents even, stifling the advancement of new remedies and diagnostics,’ stated Tania Simoncelli, ACLU research advisor. ‘The federal government ought to be encouraging scientific innovation, not hindering it.’ ‘Patenting human genes is definitely counter to common sense, patent laws and the Constitution,’ stated Daniel B. Ravicher, Executive Director of PUBPAT and co-counsel in the lawsuit. ‘Genes are determined, not developed, and patenting genetic sequences is like patenting blood, e=mc2 or air.’ If Myriad’s BRCA genes patents had been invalidated, the clinicians, researchers and pathologists represented by the ACLU can engage freely in analysis, testing and medical practice involving the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, and the patients would be able to obtain second views on test results and have access to genetic testing services from multiple, and more affordable perhaps, sources..Sleeping disorder causes snoring issue to arose in human beings also. During sleep when the muscle tissues of the jaw and neck relax then while moving they cause a sound and this sound is known as snoring. There may be many possible factors behind snoring like: * When the individual overweight is * The individual has crooked teeth or narrow jaws * Ingestion of tobacco or alcoholic beverages * Enlarged tonsils All these factors are usually found in humans because of the type of lifestyle most of us have.