7 Dec 16

Mental Health Bill Will stigma and discrimination against people increase with mental illness, UKThe Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Conference today include the claim that the will Mental Health Bill, now being discussed in Parliament stigma and discrimination of people increase with mental illness. Thornicroft Thornicroft, a psychiatrist at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, summarized the findings of his new book called shunned . It indicates that messages reinforcing links between mental illness and violence – as the government has repeatedly justify its new Mental Health Bill in relation to the Michael Stone case – only serve social exclusion even worse for people with mental illnesses.

Professor Thornicroft said that it was not inevitable, that people with mental health problems are stigmatized and marginalized. Successful anti-stigma campaigns in Australia, New Zealand and Scotland have quickly people’s views changed for the better. He suggested that if the media, psychiatrists should always accompanied by a service user. It is time that we accept that people with mental illness in a position to more directly on their own behalf and their human rights are their human rights are denied .Follow up inflammatory bowel diseases linkdepression may result in a higher incidence of inflammatory bowel disease . Anxiety may well as do the same.

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