30 Mar 16

– None of the health trusts met the target value of 2008 for legal and safety – for none of the health trusts the 2008 target to get 90 percent of the health estate in met ‘ sound, reliable, and exhibit only minor deterioration ‘standard. – the cost of compliance with fire code, the is estimated that 14 million (an increase of 2 million since 2008-2009 sildenafil off label uses .

– the total cost of implementing DDA work is nearly 16 millionVeronica German said Welsh Liberal Democrat shadow Minister for Health: ?’This report is deeply worrying and shows the true extent of financial mismanagement Labour and bad runs of our healthcare system in recent years, this report will also be of great concern as it shows that almost half of the backlog of repairs can create a high or significant risk to patients and staff.


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