22 Feb 16

###American Friends of Tel Aviv University supports Israel’s leading center of higher learning, the largest Jewish university anywhere is among the world top 100 universities. In science, biomedical studies , and social science course and recognized one of the world top 200 universities in total. International the scope and the scope and groundbreaking nature of its research programs, Tel Aviv University consistently produces work with profound implications for the future.

Pinhas Dannon, a psychiatrist from Tel Aviv University Sackler Faculty of Medicine that it be grouped with other extreme addictive disorders such as gambling, sex addiction, and kleptomania.. Redefining and treatment of ‘Internet Addiction ‘your first request in the morning for your computer mouse you obsessively check email in the middle of the night ?If so, you can among the ten % of all Internet can lead surfers to ‘Internet Addiction Disorder ‘, a pathological condition of anxiety and severe depression can be affected.As invasive coronary angiography is the reference standard to diagnose coronary artery disorder , less invasive, lower expensive tests many times use to govern out of CAD of patients with chest symptoms of. Computer tomography coronary angiography and CTCA non-invasive non-invasive test option is. Researchers assessed the accuracy of and clinical usefulness of a stress tests and CTCA for identifying which of patients with chest symptoms of should received ICA based on its pre-test probability of disease.

Physician Organisations have the question of whether regulations for rules for the cost affect the cost affect the cost category to which the physician assigned. Researchers studied the effect of 12 different attribution rules of medical cost profiles. Beneath each the 12 different attribution rules was a expenses profile used for the physicians at of the aggregated claims database created and doctors were assigned for any of cost elements. The researchers found out that in comparison the most widely used rule, 17 % was assigned of 61 % of physicians in a different category, writers with a a rule other been used. This means two separate health plans to the same region, medical doctor with another charges class other rules different rules.