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After six weeks of treatment in patients with chronic ITP, eltrombopag at daily doses of 30mg, 50mg and 75mg elevated platelet counts greater than or equal to 50,000 / microliter in 28 percent , 70 percent and 81 percent of patients and 11 percent of patients receiving placebo were compared the retina . After seven days of treatment, 44 percent and 62 percent of patients reached 50 mg and 75 mg respectively eltrombopag a platelet count of greater than or equal to 50,000 / microliter. After 15 days were 88 percent and 81 percent of patients who responded to eltrombopag 50mg and 75mg respectively, with the median platelet counts approaching the normal range . Platelet count increased to more than 200 50,000 persons in 4 percent of placebo-treated patients and in 14 percent , 37 percent and 50 percent eltrombopag 30mg, 50mg and 75mg treated patients.

At the Institute for Chemistry and Cell Biology at Longwood helped the HMS team instead of siRNAs on thousands of human cells and target a gene at a time in each well of cells. This creates a situation is included in each well of a collection of cells in which only one protein was missing.

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Not only dementia destructive to the individual and their families but also represents an enormous burden on the society. If we are can change the number of people with dementia increased , we reduce quality of life and independent of older people in our municipalities.

The technique of and algorithms shall apply above this specific disease, Templeton inserted. Around 2,000 ‘We can appearance of on many hybrid human populations with that algorithm and use it at a variety of diseases,’he said. – ‘Our new approach extends current methods features by knowledge about the population incorporation, drawing a more precise picture of the mosaics ancestries taken along genome of an individual,’said of Sivan Bercovici is, Templeton fellow the Technion and the main author a research paper published Genome Research.