2 Sep 15

This new tool called My Family Health Portrait can be downloaded for free and installed on your own computer.The tool helps to organize your family tree and help you, common diseases in your family.

Half of the monkeys were of normal weight, while the other half were obese when the study began. They were given oral contraceptive doses according to their body weights, matching human equivalents. As closely as possible for eight months. For eight months. They collected data on the animals food intake, levels of physical activity, muscle mass and fat mass.She added, Clinton Schedules on African leader to promote good governance, women’s rights. We feel at promises African we want the future of Africa are bound and we be the partner to its with a people in Africa, said she added, and to concentrate concentrate women’s rights, expand your economic growth, CNN trusted. The social, political and economic marginalization of women in Africa did fill a gap in this continent undermines progress and prosperity trust every day, said Clinton (05 She said that economic progress in Africa depends by responsible government, of corruption enforce enforce the rule of law and providing results of their people, adding: . Not only is for good governance, this is a good business, said Reuters.

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Every year, severe sepsis causes about 215,000 deaths in the United State – the highest heart attacks, and nearly as many as lung combine, colorectal and breast cancer – with a mortality rate of around 30 % . Septicemia affects 18 million people in around the world annual. Incidence of severe sepsis with in the European Union has valued 90.4 cases per 100,000 population. With a mortality of 36 % of Incidence of of severe sepsis in Japan is estimated at more than 380,000 cases per year. Source: Eisai Inc.