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The results showed that patients had in the pneumonectomy group poorer survival than those in the sleeve lobectomy group – 41.8 % 3-year survival and 32.14 % 5-year survival rate for those who are pneumonectomy compared with 71.4 % and 58.43 % underwent to a sleeve lobectomy, respectively. Overall, the results of the study show that a sleeve lobectomy can be performed with low operative risk and can better survival and better postoperative pulmonary function compared with the pneumonectomy in selected patients provide.. Initially, the Lung Removal favorable on complete removal for the treatment of lung cancer after study.

Researchers in South Korea analyzed 210 lung cancer patients who underwent either a sleeve lobectomy or pneumonectomy from 1996 to 2005 and compared mortality, morbidity, survival, recurrence and postoperative pulmonary function rates related to the surgical treatment used.

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