24 Jun 16

The first OAT trial, Judith Hochman, from New York University, and Mark, presented results from a study of 2,166 patients showing that optimal medical therapy and medical therapy plus percutaneous coronary intervention , or PCI , were equally effective in stable heart attack patients their treatment delayed for days or even weeks. When examining the quality of life issues in the two groups, investigators say that while PCI produced indeed modest benefits in reducing chest pain and improving functioning, those benefits do not last.

Examined Mark and an international team of researchers, such as about their lives and about their lives and the cost of the two approaches among 951 patients in the original study. Participants included patients who had suffered a heart attack anywhere from 3 to 28 days. Prior to enrollment, which had a completely blocked artery , but who were clinically stable and experiencing no pain in the chest All enrollees received optimal medical therapy, but half were randomized to receive PCI as well.ABOUT DRAThe DRA, in the Clarksdale, Mississippi , is a States / federal government twinning calculated to improving the economy vitality of Delta region. Of the DRA Delta region is of 240 districts and municipalities in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi in March 2001. Tennessee together. The agency will be of Federal Co-Chairman wallpaper Johnson, who conducted appoint President George W. Bush in March 2001.