26 May 15

According to the Democrats , such legislation Medicare would $ 190,000 $ 190,000 over the next 10 years. Brendan Daly, a spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif. That the Democrats would use the savings to tackle the so-called donut hole coverage gap in the drug benefit. However, the Republicans asked to estimate the savings and have said that Medicare, the cost estimate for the drug benefit of $ 117,000 reduced in the next 10 years to 516th pharmaceutical companies, benefit in 2007, costing nearly $ 50 billion and for for almost 20 percent of total U.S.

The growing importance in pharmaceutical-based health care programs is remarkable in the developed world we have an agreement with Celesio American and European pharmacy distribution network reaches 000 staff outlets in Europe, to develop one. Pharmacy based Binge Eating Disorder treatment program with Light Lake proprietary product we want this community based arrangement to other emerging markets extend.’Patient safety is the first priority our the primary distributors members as such, it is important is that manufacturers, distributors and Supplies Pharmacies to work with and develop with the Government of continued consistent systems supports the unique identification, Tracking and tracing items. Through the supply chain, ‘said HDMA President and CEO John M. ‘HDMA worked since many years order to encourage the implementation of effective track-and – trace systems to monitor to protecting and improve secure supply chain against ever more sophisticated criminals full-service In order falsify and rerouted introducing introduce in the legal supply chain.