29 Jun 17

Amazon releases the ultimate Big Brother spy gadget that constantly listens to all you say in your own home Some of the most invasive brand-new technology has been marketed as invaluable tools that help around your home or office, so-called Internet of Everything devices which have substantial potential to serve as spy tools for snooping authorities. One such device has been marketed by online retail giant Amazon. Known as the Amazon Echo, it is a voice-activated knowledge device made to respond to users’ questions read . But to take action, the device continually monitors all sounds for your voice, and as such, given its Internet connectivity, could serve as a surveillance gadget to anyone who has the capability to hack into it.

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The medication is intended to boost cognitive functions and make it much easier for patients to execute daily activities. According to review researcher Dr. Additional studies should be conducted looking at the effects of memantine on patients with mild disease, Schneider said. The study was published online Monday in the journal Archives of Neurology. Schneider and his colleagues analyzed three studies that had randomly assigned patients to receive either memantine or a placebo. These studies included 431 patients with mild Alzheimer’s and 697 sufferers with moderate Alzheimer’s. The researchers were able to extract the info on patients with slight Alzheimer’s disease and examine it individually. The drug had a small effect on people that have moderate Alzheimer’s disease when the researchers combined info from the three trials.