4 Aug 16

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In fact, the median survival for the 59 patients enrolled in these studies, 13.4 months after treatment with Nano – Cancer therapy in conjunction with radiation. The median survival time was significantly greater, more than twice as high as the control group.

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Nia in Jeffreys, National Director Asthma UK Cymru, said: ‘The shortage of knowledge, which is to asthma in Wales To and dangerously and can not be resumed. Any member of the public must signs of worsening of asthma and what steps taken when someone suffers an asthma attack familiar. Is not quick enough may result in unnecessary death, that living unbreakable. Have lost their children in order to asthma who told us that she feel like proactive approach proactive approach of health professionals have had a crucial difference. Thats why we very tight enhance with a range of important Assembly of members from all four parties the world World Asthma Day in an endeavor levels of the management of asthma in Of Wales ‘.

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The lack of awareness of asthma both teachers and other staff of the school has been highlighted in particular through the recent inquiry into the death on 11 – year-old Samuel Linton, of Stockport a corridor in a corridor of the school to for several hours links an asthma attack is. Investigation showed that investigation revealed that staff at the school importance training for the an asthma attack and realize which to do during an emergency.