16 Jun 17

Apollo acquisition boosts NZ biotech Symansis New Zealand biotech Symansis has purchased Australian company Apollo Cytokine Analysis for A$500,000 to build on its exclusive cell signaling science and fast monitor expansion into new worldwide markets silvitra.org . Apollo Cytokine Research develops, manufactures and markets the world’s largest industrial range of individual cell-expressed glycoproteins for use in drug research, while Symansis creates antibodies that target molecules in growth factor, stress and cytokine signaling pathways. Symansis CEO Dr Peter Foster stated the acquisition was a strategic proceed to expand its product offerings and advance both the company’s research program and business plans for growth.

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The Court of Appeals vacated the lower court’s judgments of invalidity on United States Patent Nos. 5,328,824 and 5,449,767. The complaint against Applera Company and its subsidiary Tropix Inc. Charged patent infringement arising out of the misappropriation of Enzo’s pioneering and proprietary patented technology related to DNA sequencing systems, and additional products, in addition to providing others with prohibited and unauthorized usage of the patented products and technologies. ‘The Appellate Court’s ruling clears just how for us to pursue claims related to the wide scope of the merchandise at the mercy of our patents, and substantially weakens the defense of Applera with respect to their potential liability,’ stated Elazar Rabbani, PhD, Enzo Chairman and CEO.